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Change Logs Endless Online

Dev Post:

About: Progress on the engine
It’s time to implement the delayed participation ‘mini core’ system. Due to the unexpected server migration and aftermath, this feature was delayed, as well as the sword vs bow balancing which should happen later this week.

Additionally, there are various client patches (read below) and the decision to integrate an ‘item gift inbox’ system next to the mini core system. This allows for a convenient way to distribute the boss loot directly to the players through the additional inbox. Creating this. The new gift inbox is now connected to 3 new systems: boss participation rewards, a brand-new serverwide gift provisioning tool, and level-up gifts currently distributed at levels 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18. The levelup item reward system can be expanded beyond level 18 later. The system has been designed that highlevel players will receive the gifts too at the next levelup event.

All-in-all there been a lot of improvements behind the scenes, resulting in slighly less visual content (maps,item) for this time.
About: Boss participation system
As mentioned, one of the enhancements is the implementation of a boss participation (mini core) system. This system comprises a boss tracker, which records all hits and damage, as well as a feedback system that informs you precisely whether you were eligible for the loot roll and provides the reasoning behind it (or why not). Please refer to the screenshot below to better visualize this concept:

About: Client Patches
The client update comes with various fixes, aimed at more stability. This is the complete list of patches:

better latency history scaling graph
rendermixer fix ( rare mix of hair/pants/parts of other char on your char )
paperdoll equip armor-as-costum, rejected fix
paperdoll unequip armor-as-costum, visual duplication fix
weight glitch after weapon swap
250 items notice locker (instead of 200 )
no space in inventory glitch – while there is space
crafting showing male/female
tooltip showing male/female for costumes
warning on failed map overwrite
double chatlog fix for global tab switch
About: Other gift box capabilities:
The new item giftbox is already capable of item provisioning with a brand new tool, and level up rewards to hopefully aid and motivate our new players. A visual loot management interface has been incorporated into the Pub Studio. This system is designed to accommodate multiple rows of loot, laying the groundwork for the introduction of loot boxes at the conclusion of future dungeons*

About: New content ( Centaur Wine Cellar )
While there was limited time allocated for content, anticipate encountering a complete dungeon and a fresh boss in the Centaur Cellar. Additionally, be prepared for a new core drop and a novel type of weapon! Furthermore, a Level 9 quest has been introduced at the Fairy Soda Bar. And finaly, after a longtime expedition, the core master has returned to her residence in Aeven.


new dungeon, new boss arena
new boss : Stallion
new npc: Core Master
new weapon
new quest

base max weight increase from 30 to 50
stat vituality increase from 1 to 2weight per point
About: Sword balancing
The balance between swords and archery is still on the list. This is one of the challenges that must be addressed before considering the reintroduction of EO classes

The update is expected to release around 14 October 2023, See you there? 🙂

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