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Change Logs Endless Online

About: Centaur Grove
A newfound land has unveiled the long-veiled secret behind the vanished centaurs. They endured a life of confinement in a marble city, where the unforgiving stone inflicted pain upon their hooves. Gradually, the centaurs found solace on their very own island.

Despite their non-aggressive nature, the Centaurs seem to approach travelers from Aeven with a discerning wariness. The introduction of Centaur Grove is offering a substantial platform for new adventures and more background about the Centaurs. Where they had previously been overshadowed to a insignificant single marble map in the old Endless world. Aeven Sealiner 106 will take you there, requiring only a modest fare of two tickets to reach this newfound Grove.

About: Changes Made
The SFX volume is now accessible through the settings panel, along with a new sound engine that appears to make normal sounds more stable for most players. Furthermore, character deletions are now triple-checked to keep your characters as safe as possible. Locker upgrades have been lowered in price, and a new pair of Quests, a complete accessories set, and the Whip weapon have been added. The mini-participation core system** has been delayed due to various setbacks that occurred in the last two weeks.

About: Identified issues.
Currently, the magic system remains dormant, placing the emphasis on swords and ranged bows. Bows seem to work better than swords. It’s important to make both of them equally good. This might mean making swords stronger or giving ways to defend against ranged attacks for the creatures in the game. When we get this balance right, we can start adding more range, classes, magic and so on. In the upcoming weeks, we may require your feedback for this undertaking.

About: Level cap lifted
After reviewing the current state of the world, it seems that now is the right time to implement the highly anticipated removal of the level cap. This change will pay tribute to the original iteration of EO, where there was no level limit whatsoever. Presently, the game will acknowledge progression beyond level 40 by granting 1 additional stat point, allowing us to evaluate the impact of this alteration on game balance. It’s important to note that all stat rewards are subject to adjustment and may be modified at any point. With the option to compensate players with the additional stat points, if necessary.

About: Plans for next update
As Halloween is around the corner, it would be splendid to incorporate a haunted island or location, complete with eerie embellishments for Aeven town. For the next update, a new continent, Halloween decorations, and the mini-participation core are planned. Assuming no setbacks, this should be done in 1-2 weeks, while also testing a new balance between swords and bows. It’s going to be a busy few weeks.
** mini-participation core system : System where all players receive a part of the core directly in their inventory for helping defeat the public mini bosses.
This could be 1 of 100 or 1 of 200 ( to be decided )

Thank you for playing Endless Online in this journey to remaster the experience. Without you all this endavour is going nowhere.

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