Ok where do i begin on this one…

Lets face it, the toxicity in Global Chat is becoming an issue. What’s even more concerning is the games current player base has an average age of 25+. You’ve got to ask yourself, what does a 25+ year old plan to achieve trolling in global chat? Its becoming a vicious circle, “Lizzo” related conversations, trans agenda and pronouns or even general politics & religious beliefs.

When does it end? How do you combat this? Or is it apart of the EO Culture?

Over the past couple of days we have seen the EO Team warn players, jail and even temporarily close global chat completely in a way to deter this behaviour however more needs to be done. If the EO Team where to sit and moderate global chat all day every day, future development would be stalled and progress would be slow. I think as a community, we need to make full use of the ignore feature and don’t rise the trolls. Retaliating to the toxic comments only adds more fuel to the fire.

I would love to see a limit on how many posts you can make in GLB chat within a period of time to reduce general conversation but it should come to that should it?

Thanks for reading, rant over – Jono